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Meet the New Roots Producers



After facing religious persecution for his Yazid faith, Al Hamka and his wife, Shreen, left their 75-acre farm in Iraq in 2007 and spent the following two years in a refugee camp in Syria. In 2009, Al Hamka's family was resettled with the International Rescue Committee 

in Phoenix, AZ. Since then, Al Hamka has become well-known throughout the Phoenix urban agriculture community and runs a small farm business. In addition, he sells produce at the Phoenix Public Market on Saturdays. 




Tareke has been farming his whole life. Tesfamechel fled Eritrea in 2012, and since then has truly been a cornerstone of the New Roots program. He farms at Cross Connections - a New Roots Community Garden, and Agave Farms in central Phoenix. He is a part of the CSA program and sells at the CamelBackyard Farm Stands and at other various markets throughout Phoenix. 




Ogou fled to neighboring Ghana by foot, leaving behind everything he knew. Both of Ogou’s parents farmed, and while serving in the army, he had lovingly tended the 76-acre cornfield responsible for feeding his fellow fighters. Ogou eventually built a happy life growing peanuts,

yams, and peppers in his adopted Ghanaian village, but when a shift in that nation’s leadership rendered him vulnerable once again, he slipped off to a cousin’s place in the bustling capital city of Ivory Coast. Planting was out of the question. In 2008, the United States granted Ogou asylum, and he relocated to Chicago and then eventually to Phoenix, AZ. 



West Sudan

Mohamdian came to the United States in 2004 and obtained his Bachelors Degree in Economic Science. He has worked as an Inventory Control Auditor with PetSmart for 15 years. In addition Mohamdian has spent time working as a chicken farmer and currently farms at Spaces of Opportunity Farm. Drawing on his expertise built over decades of work in farming, Abdelgabar is passionate about putting in the attention needed to grow healthy and fresh produce for our local Phoenix community. You will always see him with a smile on his face.

Abdelgaber Mohamdian.jpg



Colorado River Indian Tribes

Loren’s passion for farming and food run deep. He enjoys trying to grow new produce and is meticulous with his precise methods. He is a part of the CSA program at New roots CamelBackyard. He also uses the produce he grows for his food truck that he owns and takes around Phoenix. Loren is very proud of his culture and uses food as a way to share his culture with his community. 

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